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With years of experience in corporate and consulting roles, Corrado excels in strategic planning, budget management, creativity and branding, using psychological insights for effective marketing messages.

Guided by a strong work ethic and deep passion, Corrado provides leadership and guidance to marketing teams for success, focusing on strategy, creativity and communication.
Corrado Manenti has successfully served diverse clients in the fashion, luxury and lifestyle sectors, creating impactful marketing campaigns and enhancing brand awareness.

Innovative Marketing Solutions

Customised marketing services tailored to your unique brand identity and target audience.

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Strategic Management

Our strategic planning service includes the definition of marketing objectives, both short- and long-term, and the development of innovative strategies to achieve them effectively.


Market Analysis

We specialise in market analysis, using data collection techniques to identify opportunities, conduct competitor analysis and stay abreast of industry trends for strategic marketing insights.

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Brand Management

Our brand management expertise ensures that your marketing investments are optimised to maximise ROI, as we closely monitor expenditure and make real-time optimisations for business growth.


Creative Campaigns

We excel in creative campaigns, developing unique and engaging marketing strategies that connect with your target audience and enhance your brand in the competitive landscape.

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The Ideal Target for our Services

I work in synergy with luxury retailers, hotels, gourmet restaurants, premium shopping centres, fashion and lifestyle brands, wine and spirits producers, and luxury spas. We create personalised and memorable experiences that strengthen the emotional connection with customers, enhancing their loyalty and brand reputation.

Luxury and Boutique Retailers

We help luxury shops to create exclusive and personalised shopping experiences that reflect the high quality of the products, building customer loyalty and increasing sales with immersive technologies and designed shopping paths.

Luxury Hotels , Resorts, SPA

We differentiate hotels by offering unique experiences that enhance guests' stays, improving satisfaction and positive reviews through immersive environments and personalised services.

Gourmet and Fine Dining Restaurants

We enhance the dining experience with solutions that enrich brand perception and attract sophisticated customers, creating unique and customised atmospheres for every occasion.

Premium Shopping Malls

We design immersive shopping experiences that increase visitors' dwell time and spending, enhancing foot traffic with interactive paths and sensory activities.

Fashion and Lifestyle Brands

We create shops that reflect brand values and offer consistent and memorable shopping experiences, reinforcing brand identity and building customer loyalty with customised solutions.

Wine and Spirits Producers

We create tasting experiences and tours that enhance the history and quality of products, increasing brand loyalty and direct sales with engaging events and brand narratives.

we use a combination of anthropological tools and data-driven analysis:

Tools and Methodologies

To ensure that each project achieves maximum impact, we use a combination of advanced tools and innovative techniques.

Data-driven analysis allows us to collect and interpret valuable data on customer behaviour. We employ anthropological and ethnographic studies to gain an in-depth understanding of customers' expectations and cultural interactions.

In addition, the mystery guest method helps us to evaluate the customer experience objectively, while targeted training programmes ensure that staff and managers are always aligned with the brand vision.

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Data analysis:

We collect and analyse data on customer behaviour, preferences and market trends. This allows us to develop strategies based on factual information and to measure the effectiveness of our solutions in real time.

Mystery Guest

We implement mystery shopping techniques to evaluate the customer experience from the consumer's point of view, identifying strengths and areas for improvement.

Staff and Manager Training:

We offer specific training programmes for sales staff and managers, ensuring that each team member is aligned with the brand vision and able to deliver excellent service.


We use ethnographic and anthropological studies to deeply understand customer behaviour and expectations, creating experiences that resonate at a deep, cultural level.

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