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I am a professional passionate and enthusiastic with an academic background in psychology and people management and practical training in marketing applied mainly to fashion, luxury and lifestyle contexts.


Strategic and Operational Consulting

I offer customised strategic advice and operational support to navigate the challenges of today's market, drawing on the support of my team to ensure comprehensive and effective solutions.


Experiential Marketing and Sensorial Branding

I create experiential marketing campaigns that engage the senses and cement the customer's bond with your brand, using an approach that integrates the creative input of my team.


New Product and Business Line Development

I drive innovation in your portfolio by developing new products and business lines, working closely with my team to anticipate and meet market trends


Instore experience Design

I design unique shopping experiences that transform each shop into a stage for your brand, with the support of my team to create environments that enhance the customer experience.


Digital Positioning

I define your digital presence with targeted strategies to maximise online engagement, taking advantage of the latest digital marketing technologies and methodologies.


Business Coach, Speach

I offer business coaching and motivational interventions that aim to empower your team and inspire success, using my skills and experience to turn challenges into opportunities.

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Seen On:

Strategic Planning

Crafting paths to success

Tailored short and long-term marketing strategies to meet your objectives.

Detailed plans for brand growth and market expansion.

Digital Marketing Expertise

Navigating the digital landscape

Proven strategies in social media, SEO, and PPC for enhanced online presence.

Maximising ROI through targeted online campaigns.

Brand Development

Shaping your brand identity

Building brand recognition through innovative visual elements and focused positioning.

Strategies for increasing brand awareness and customer engagement.

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